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Now for the letter “C”: Change the equation from quad play to “any play”

November 29, 2007 - 0 Comments

With this post, I bring you to the letter C. In my two earlier posts, I emphasized how service providers, in order to become experience providers, need to follow the ABCs: Adopt a Connected Life, Boldly innovate, and Change the equation. This entry will focus on changing the math and equations!Quad-play (data + voice + video + mobility) is too limiting. It is all about delivering a seamless experience of any service, to any device, to any location. To do this, we need to change the math to: ‘data x voice x video x mobility’ =”any-play” An IP NGN allows providers to confidently and profitably deliver a suite of integrated “any-play” services -meeting the needs of their customers well into the future. With unique”any-play” experiences service providers can truly evolve themselves into experience providers. Recently I was in India where Cisco announced its new Globalization Center, and along with it, the Cisco iPrize for innovation. The live audience in Bangalore, India witnessed a unique, seamless experience, a truly”any-play” demo. Cisco CEO John Chambers and Cisco SVP Marthin DeBeer, separated physically by thousands of miles and over 12 time zones, were able to co-announce the iPrize competition. In this embedded video, you will see a three-dimensional hologram image of Marthin standing next to John on stage. Marthin’s image is literally being teleported thousands of miles away, via the network and TelePresence, from California to India. One Indian reporter writing for the Hindu Business Line explains how the three-dimensional holographic conferencing system was used for the event. The reporter goes on to muse that this rich, seamless”any-play” experience will not just be for executive keynotes and announcements; rather, such TelePresence technology, could enable “œyour grandmother to virtually walk into a living room and talk to you – her image traveling overseas and countries over the Internet”. From”any-play”, we now get 3-D holograms and teleportation. But I am certain that the best is yet to come from the ubiquitous network. With innovation, the equation will keep changing, but I like this kind of math. Beam me up, Scotty!

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