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NBC Olympics SVP, Digital Media on How Medianet Enables Coverage of 2010 Games

January 26, 2010 - 1 Comment

Perkins Miller knows a thing or two (or ten) about the Olympic Games. As Senior VP of Digital Media Olympics for NBC Universal, Miller oversaw the push to deliver the Games on multiple digital platforms, back in 2008.

This year, he says in this video interview, it’s all about capturing the culture of the Games – from fans, journalists, and athletes (except when they’re actually competing, obviously) – while vastly improving the behind-the-scenes editing workflows.

That means putting Cisco Flip cameras in the hands of participants, before the games, as well as NBC talent and producers to gather “the rest of the story.”

It was first tested with Flip in Beijing, but the effort in Vancouver is now deeply tied to the rise in social networking.

On the workflow front, Miller discusses NBC’s decision to partner with Cisco in developing and building an “IP workflow” (as opposed to prior baseband workflows), to make editing and metadata management more efficient – and to make video capable of reaching beyond the TV to mobile devices, laptops, and PCs.

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