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My Connected Life Mash-up

- December 4, 2007 - 0 Comments

OmariOmari from Virginia was one of the runner up winners in our Connected Life contest. His idea was to take all of the mash-up sites available on the web (such as those that blend applications such as realtor listings and a satellite map), mash them up further and making it mobile. You can read more about it here. Think of it as a presence-based facebook-google-linkedin-tomtom application for your handset so that as you move, the network can alert you to the things you care about and help give you a better experience. I can imagine something like this telling me:

“œGreat sushi place ahead””œTurn right to make it to your meeting on-time””œDave’s in town, too, and is only a block away”(If it could also tell me when I am wearing mismatched socks or have a piece of apple stuck in my teeth, that would be a bonus-)

All of these applications are available on their own on the web and represent the first wave of mash-ups; Omari is taking it two steps further by blending the already blended applications even further, effectively making an infinite number of possibilities to customize it to your interests and needs. And by making it mobile, it personalizes the experience even further, allowing the network to move with you instead of you moving to the network.A couple of years ago, one of my closest friends was college was staying at a hotel a block away from me as we both were in London on business for the week. Since we live thousands of miles apart, it would have been a great opportunity to meet, catch up, and admittedly have a couple of pints (John Smith’s Extra Smooth Bitter for me, please). Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the coincidence until a month or two later on a phone conversation. It was a great opportunity lost. Omari’s idea would help to minimize the chance of that happening again and showcases the increasing relevance that network can have on lives, wherever we may be.

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