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MPLS Conference 2009 – Big Topics, Great Panel

October 30, 2009 - 0 Comments

Monique Jeanne MorrowYes indeed, we had an awesome panel that I moderated at the MPLS Conference 2009 held in Washington D.C. on October 26 2009.

The panel entitled, “Emerging Technologies and Business Architectural Impact: Cloud Computing, P2P applications, Social Networking and Infrastructure Required to Scale”

  • Vijay Gill, Google
  • Donn Lee, Facebook
  • Benson Schliesser, Savvis
  • Raymond Zhang, BT
  • Prof. Ashwin Gumaste, India Institute of Technology-Bombay-Visiting Professor at MIT Multimedia Labs
  • Hokuto Sanematsu, KDDI-America
  • Paul Geraci, Technology Survey Group
  • Kireeti Kompella, Juniper Networks
  • George Swallow, Cisco

Seemed that everyone wanted to be on this panel; so to structure the discussion, I prepared a set of questions for the panelists as follows [with their inputs] – [each question could have been a topic for a separate panel session]:

1. For all panelists to set up the discussion

Please identify one emerging technology that has the potential to disrupt the industry and why?

2. SP Batch Question for Raymond, Sanematsu-san, Daniel and Benson

Is there a place for MPLS in the datacenter?

What operational features do you need to make deployment and operation 
of your MPLS-based services easier and more scalable?

Is there a need for a LSR, mpls-only switching device in your network
(one without any Layer3 switching)?

If yes, what would be the device characteristics to make such a device compelling?

Your scaling issues?

How are you monetizing P2P?

Evolving services beyond L2-L3 MPLS- based- services?

3. Cloud and Social Networking for Vijay, Donn and Benson

Hear a lot of buzz around virtualization, what role do you see the network playing for your business?

Does MPLS have any relevance to what you do?

Where do see cloud computing and XaaS evolving to?

Your challenges? Scaling issues?

What call to industry do you want to make here?


4. Follow up comments to the above for Kireeti and George vendor perspective

5. For Ashwin: Emerging Countries, take India as example

What observations can you offer in terms of Internet access; Mobile Internet and nascent innovation sourced from these geographies?

Role MPLS L3-based services play or not?

Role of the network? Scaling? Business models?

6. For Paul: From a Technology Watch perspective, what do you see as gaps that the industry as a whole does not seem to address?

Role of policy and regulation?

7. For all panelists, just coming from Geneva, heard lots of discussions around NGN, Convergence, the Future Internet, Cybersecurity and so on, which topic [or another] is top of mind in your company? Why?

Some of the comments as far as disruptive technologies ranged from MPLS-TP; fragmented web; intuitive semantic web; roll up portable display; cloud computing; to Apple business model as best practice partner e.g., cool user experience service – getting content to user feedback.

One other comment to consider from a participant was that as the industry wraps arms around cloud computing, see challenges around identity and individual rights.

Further, from another participant, we need to think about “delighting” emerging countries like India – platform development to be modular; “green” and yes this topic generated lots of discussion around complexity-power consumption.

Overall a great panel. The audience loved the interaction!

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