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More on Smart & Connected Communities and Update ITU-T Focus Group Cloud Computing

September 3, 2010 - 1 Comment

The notion of Smart Connected Communities or S&CC has as its foundation, IP addressable smart objects or what is often referred to as the Internet of Things; therein allowing sensing for traffic, health, home energy usage and so on.

IP addressable smart objects has spawned the momentum for IPv6 usage; the standardization for IP addressable smart objects can be found within the IETF, IEEE, ITU-T forged by the IPSO Alliance, in addition to new alliances such as NIST and Wavenis. My colleagues at Cisco have been paving the way for IP addressable objects not only in standardization but also in implementation.

With the IETF for example, there are 3 active Working Groups focused on IPv6 for Smart Objects:

  1. 6LoWPAN (Internet area)
  2. ROLL (Routing area)
  3. CoRE (Application area)

An update on the new routing protocol that ROLL has been working on, called RPL, can be found here

rise of smart objects

As for Cloud Computing, I am currently co-chairing the second ITU-T Focus Group Cloud meeting in Geneva. The discussions have been great and only affirm that the network is truly the platform!

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  1. Wonderful news. Good links and really nice visual. Thanks Monique.The Wikipedia page on Internet of Things”” or Smart Objects has a timeline of when what will be implemented. Might the timeline be compressed? What is Cisco’s forecast?Readers, please ‘share’ this blogpost to increase awareness of the ITU’s work on IPv6. As the last line of the Wikipedia page says, “”time will no more be used as a common and linear dimension but [events] will depend on each entity (object, process, information system, etc.)”””^0^1^^^0^0
    36440^8679^Rick Bellefond^^^^2010-08-15 04:31:18^2010-08-15 04:31:18^Hi Jennifer,I am interested in learning more about Cisco’s Borderless Security Architecture strategy. Any suggestions as to where I can get additional information?Thanks^0^1^^^0^0
    36441^9236^Steven Song^^^^2010-08-08 00:05:17^2010-08-08 00:05:17^Thanks everyone for your comments. Happy to see the support for cybersecurity while preserving our privacy and civil liberty.^0^1^^^0^0
    36446^9279^Karen Walker^^^^2010-08-09 15:26:03^2010-08-09 15:26:03^I agree with Julie’s advice about bringing together the best people. I’ve never really considered networking within the framework of my company, but that’s an excellent tip too.^0^1^^^0^0
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