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Mobile World Congress 2009: 4G Possibilities to Life – Bringing Healthcare to Rural Areas

- February 18, 2009 - 4 Comments

Cisco and Intel, along with Map of Medicine, give an example of the type of interaction made possible over WiMax, that can benefit providers and healthcare alike, and quite literally give new life to patients.

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  1. Where can i find more articles and information on this topic. I am a law student writing on the ext big thing"" in telecomm and this has caught my attention. Thanks"

  2. One more item to note, much of the investment from Broadband Stimulus program, part of the US Economic Stimulus effort, is targetted towards increasing broadband penetration in rural areas of the US. With the investment required to be spent soon after the grants are issued, such rural coverage is likely to be advanced sooner than later.

  3. One of the strengths of 4G, including WiMax, is that high-speed broadband is able to be deployed much more easily than via landline assets. There are certainly trade-offs as well, but reach of coverage and the speed at which it can be obtained are very much there, which makes this especially good for rural areas where broadband penetration if more difficult to achieve.There was a good article today, btw, that I thought you may be interested in based on some of your past comments --;.id=17776 - it doesn't speak to the rural penetration of broadband but does act as a proofpoint to the value of this technology to medicine. Hope you find it useful, and as always, thanks for the comments,Doug

  4. Although I definitely agree that 4G & WiMax will help redefine what is possible in health care, I am a little skeptical about how this type of innovations and technology will make it into the rural areas of the US.