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Making TelePresence Even Better: Announcing the First Commercially Available Interexchange Cisco TelePresence Service

November 30, 2010 - 2 Comments

Metcalfe’s law, an iconic principle in networking, states that the value of a network is proportional by the square number of endpoints it has. In essence, the more people on the network, the more valuable it is. In part, that’s what made the PSTN so valuable…everybody used to have a fixed phone…and it’s what makes the mobile network so valuable now since every one over 14 definitely has one with many households sporting multiple ones…and it’s the driving force behind the momentum of Cisco TelePresence.

Today AT&T and BT announced the first commercially available interexchange Cisco TelePresence service . With Inter-Provider Cisco TelePresence, it’s possible to connect disparate enterprise networks over different SP networks for real-time Cisco TelePresence meetings in a highly secure, consistent, and transparent manner.

Starting tomorrow, customers of either the AT&T or BT aren’t limited to connecting just to endpoints on their own provider’s network but can connect to those TelePresence endpoints on the other’s network as well. And with close to half of the Fortune 100 businesses and thousands of customer endpoints currently enabled on these exchanges, this materially expands the number of customers and reach for intercompany collaboration – making the value of TelePresence services – and the providers’ services and networks, as Metcalfe law would claim — all the greater.

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  1. The AT&T and BT announcement is the first commercially available interconnect service to the market, which became a standard orderable feature December 1st. Other provider announcements on TelePresence exchange interconnect agreements and trials include Tata and Telefonica will be commercially available in the coming months, and we expect to see even more Service Providers interconnect services in the coming quarters.

    Availability of standard commercial service and a growing number of provider agreements for interexchange TelePresence services is a compelling market trend that will open even more collaboration options for organizations globally.

  2. Doug,

    What about the intercarrier deals between Tata and BT and Tata and Telefonica that were announced over the summer?

    Not to say that the importance of the interconnection between AT&T and BT should be downplayed, but is that connection truly the first intercarrier connection?