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Looking to 2010: Video to Immersive Participatory Networking

December 23, 2009 - 11 Comments

2010 Happy New Year from Cisco

As we close out 2009, recall that in one of my blogs, March 11 2009, I wrote about teleportation.

It was no surprise for me that one of the top 50 inventions for the year 2009 cited by Time Magazine, Inc., was Teleportation, in the context of quantum information processing itself.

Video whether consumer generated over the Internet via a Flip High Definition/Ultra High Definition Videocam, or via business interactive, e.g. TelePresence, is evolving to be  even more interactive and personal.   Think about a “participatory” event like a commercial such that you become part of the advertising experience; or a sport venue like a baseball game where you are in the game and so on.  The possibilities of 4 dimensional holographic spaces where individuals can indeed immerse themselves in a participatory cyber-space with other individuals.

What are the consequences for the network?

No doubt with such real time applications, aside from the generated traffic itself, assuring service quality e.g quality of service will be very key moving forward.

Moving to 2010, I am truly excited about the technology opportunities to create the immersive participatory experience beyond video!

Stay tuned!

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  1. A belated response to you both as I am at the ITU-T in Geneva: are various aspects to consider in responses to the comments such as Quality of Service [QoS]; SLA monitoring-management; scaling and so on for real time services like video.If one takes IPTV as an example, to an article written by a few colleagues, entitled, Reducing Channel Change Times with the Real-Time Transport Protocol """" [IEEE Internet Computing May-June 2009, fact this edition focused on IPTV itself with several articles -- a good place to start.Thanks!Monique"

  2. Cisco's recent bid for Tandberg may have a pointer towards paths to next-generation video conferencing experience perhaps.... :-)Also, certain recently launched product range such as ASR 9000 ( I believe in productive pilot projects for almost a year now?) is supposed to add to the above at least from the perspective of bandwidth, scalability and efficiency of delivery.Very Humbly santanu

  3. A Very Happy New Year Monique! :-)Thanks for the info...I am personally very wishful that technologies Teleportation will someday become reality. For whatever it is worth, i find the concept absolutely amazing. Once we are able to overcome the hiccups of merging Quantum Reality with technical innovation, we shall be on our way to true Nirvana I guess.As you say, the first Quantum Processors have been achieved this year and we have taken the first step towards actual implementation. Have a wonderful 2010!Respectssantanu

  4. Hi Monique,As a Cisco technology partner - specifically related to video, I'm interested if you are aware of any new technologies in the works for the delivery of video. With the high-bandwidh, low latency, and multicast requirements of video conference, I’ve learned through the years that existing multicast routing protocols do not scale well with video and can be challenging to configure correctly – PIM-SM and PIM-DM. I imagine once the infrastructure is in place, widespread growth will follow.-B

  5. Dear Kenjiro,You are most welcome!Warm regards,Monique

  6. thank you for your advice. It's amazing concept.

  7. Hello Shiviu,Indeed virtualization is pivotal and is certainly a technology enabler for cloud computing.Thanks for your comments!Best always,Monique

  8. Thanks for the information. Virtualization is the next hot selling cake. Hope Cisco will add the same to routers also.regardsshivlu jain

  9. Dear Souhila,Thank you for your comment. As for your question, what specifically do you wish to know?Best always,Monique

  10. SantanuA very Happy Innovative 2010 for you also!Thanks always for your valuable comments.Best wishes,Monique

  11. i like my stude in cisco but ccan i having one fone of cisco ??