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IBC 2010: Leading the Pack in “Contribution-Grade” IP Video

September 9, 2010 - 0 Comments

There was a time when broadcasters had doubts about whether IP could support major live events. Today, the biggest sporting events and live broadcasts in the world are delivered via IP. And Cisco, an early pioneer in IP contribution, is playing a central role in bringing high-profile media events to global audiences.

When we talk about media and broadcast solutions, we often see the phrase “contribution-grade.” But what does that mean exactly? It means that IP media technologies are now widely used to transport the highest quality video feeds in the demanding, high-pressure and high-visibility broadcast environments.

Examples of this are all around us. Today, Cisco announced that it has deepened its relationship with Level 3. Cisco is providing the Cisco Digital Content Manager Gateway to provide video encoding services including the delivery of uncompressed as well as JPEG 2000 compressed HD video feeds over Level 3’s new Vyvx VenueNet+ contribution network infrastructure. This upgrade to Level 3’s Emmy Award-winning Vyvx VenueNet transmission service will provide even higher quality HD and SD video encoding, as well as other IP-enabled services in all 31 major professional football venues in time for the 2010 football season.

February 2010 turned out to be an important month in the annals of IP video contribution, as Cisco also worked with Level 3 Communications to provide uncompressed content delivery for Super Bowl XLIV – helping deliver broadcast-grade media to an estimated 1 billion viewers worldwide.

In 2008, a 400-Megabit-per-second Cisco IP contribution network helped NBC bring the Beijing Olympic Summer Games video to editors at NBC studios in Los Angeles and New York. Last February, NBC again used a Cisco IP contribution solution to transport media from the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

So the key takeaway is this: Today’s IP media technologies are not just contribution-grade, they’re the wave of the future for the video industry at large. And when broadcasters think IP contribution, they think Cisco.

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