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Jewel: Up Close and Personal at NAB 2011

April 12, 2011 - 0 Comments

This Wednesday, April 13, at 2:00pm PDT, singer and songwriter Jewel will be performing a solo, acoustic set, live, to attendees of the National Association of Broadcasters convention, in Las Vegas. And to viewers in Chicago, and Dallas, and New York. And in Atlanta, Miami, Washington, D.C. and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Live simulcast? Not really. More, the show is another example of how Cisco TelePresence technology and intelligent networking are bringing people together – audiences and artists, in this case – through video. It’s a collaboration between us (for the TelePresence components), AT&T (for intelligent TelePresence connectivity) and Marriott (which operates TelePresence viewing rooms throughout the world.)

Here’s how it works: Jewel sings, in our San Jose TV studio. Video capture moves through two TelePresence codecs, then through AT&T TelePresence Bridges, to link to the multiple receive sites. Simultaneously, the video moves through a Ustream encoder, for live streaming on the Web and any type of display screen.

Those of you who know Jewel know that she doesn’t believe in a set list of songs, performed in sequential order. Rather, and from her childhood experiences performing on the road with her father, she prefers to read her audiences – to feel them out for the right song mix.

Ordinarily, an artist with no “set list” would drive any production crew crazy – but in this case, and because of the flexibility introduced by TelePresence and intelligent networks, the ability to get a live read across such geographically-dispersed audiences is…intrinsic. It’s a concert, yes, but it’s two-way.

Here’s what Jewel will see, from her spot, in our Building 8 TV production facility: Each audience, across three large plasma screens. She can address people at each location and they her. Miles of separation melt away – for her, and for her audiences, it’s like they’re all in the same room. It truly is “up close and personal.”

So if you’re still of the mind that TelePresence is just a cool, high-end way to do a video conference – it’s probably time to re-frame your thinking. It is this combination of video, intelligent networks, and TelePresence that’s also radically transforming how we connect with the world of entertainment. It’s early, but the trajectory is clear.

But don’t take my word for it – come see for yourself! For those of you attending NAB this week, be sure to come see Jewel at AT&T booth SU1424 and Cisco booth SU2617. Not in Vegas this Wednesday at 2:00pm PDT?

Catch the show over the Internet, from the Ustream feed – designed to play out to any device, any screen, any format, from anywhere. You can also view the concert live through your mobile device -just text Jewel to 24726 (cisco) or view directly from our Cisco Events Mobile Application.

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