IPv6 Internet Announced, IP Address Apocalypse Called Off

January 19, 2012 - 2 Comments

Although we released this some time ago, not long before the run out of IPv4 addresses we thought we’d repost it again given the announcement earlier in the week of the launch date for the IPv6 Internet. The great news is with the IPv6 Internet happening on June 6, 2012 there is no need to fight your colleagues for IP addresses or hide under your desk. Provided, of course, that your network architect or IT administrator takes the right steps to get ready.

To see if you’re paying attention the second time around we created a short quiz. Sorry, no prize except for bragging rights. (Hint: Some things are easier to see if you watch the video in HD.)

Video quiz questions:

  1. A novel is referenced. Which novel, who wrote it, and when was it published?
  2. How many sports metaphors are mangled during the employee meeting?
  3. How many ASR 9000 posters can be seen in the background throughout the video?
  4. How much IP rental time does a “Food” item get you?
  5. There is a reference to an animal video – what kind of animal?

Submit your answers in the comment field below. We’ll do a follow-on post in 10 days with the answers and time stamps during the video.

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  1. I have no words for this great post such a awe-some information i got gathered. Thanks to Author.

  2. 1) Lord of the Flies – Golding, 1954
    2) Four (football, basketball, golf, baseball).
    3) Two?
    4) Couldn’t figure this one out.
    5) Cat