IPTV World Forum 2010: The Content Delivery Network Landscape

March 25, 2010 - 1 Comment

The worldwide shift toward IP technologies begins, in many respects, with the Content Delivery Network. CDNs are the major link in the distribution chain for moving video and communications services to consumers and businesses.

In this video interview, Simon Orme, Director of Content Services at BT Wholesale, sits down with me to discuss the CDN landscape. Topics include the difference between public and private CDNs; overall market dynamics that will lead to service provider successes; and Orme’s view of the one thing that could change the video delivery industry.

Additional reading from our participation at IPTV World Forum 2010:

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  1. I don’t understand the premise of this conversation.

    Isn’t the internet itself the CDN?
    Why should it go anywhere beyond the ISP to deliver data to me over my internet connection?

    I pay Time Warner $40 a month to provide me with a data pipeline into my house. I pay this much money because I know the pipeline has equal priority to all the IP data out on the net, whether it be online gaming, a video stream, or downloading a torrent. It’s all IP to me.

    Why would I pay extra to have put limits on certain types of traffic in that pipeline? It doesn’t make any sense, unless, I guess, if you are a “content provider” whatever that is supposed to mean.

    I think this type of smoke and mirrors is the leading edge of the assault on net neutrality. At least the nerds still understand how it works and with the advent of different wifi technologies in recent years, building a new internet won’t be nearly as hard as it was to make the old one. Would anyone care to join my ad-hoc network? 😛