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IP Address Management, Part IV: Centralization

July 26, 2012 - 0 Comments

Cisco Prime Network Registrar is able to achieve a high level of efficiency and reliability because of its heterogeneous integration with the other tools operators are using to manage their networks.  Rather than being a separate tool that administrators have to go back and forth between, Cisco Prime Network Registrar provides centralized resource visibility and IP address management. And, with the ability to scale to high user counts, it provides reliable management capabilities for even the largest networks.

This centralized visibility is an important capability for simplifying IP address management.  For example, a network may comprise many islands, some based on IPv4 and an increasing number on IPv6.  While these subnets are different, based on their physical equipment and topology, they still appear as a single network to users and their data.  For this reason, they need to be managed as a single network as well.

Consider an IPv4 subnet deployed in a local office.  When a call comes from that office, the operator needs to be able to reach the subnet over the IPv6 network to begin troubleshooting the problem.  When IPv4 and IPv6 resources are managed separately, the operator has to map out a path to the local office by hand.

Because Cisco Prime Network Registrar overlays the IPv6 network over IPv4 resources, it can provide the appropriate routing information to give operators a head start on troubleshooting.  Rather than wasting time figuring out how to get to the local office to see what is happening, operators are able to immediately focus on solving the problem at hand and minimizing client downtime.

To complete this series on IP address management, I’ll talk about how each of these elements – agility, integration, automation, inventory, support for IPv6, and centralization – impact return on investment.

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