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Introducing the World’s Most Powerful Compact Router”¦ (And changing the notion of

March 5, 2008 - 0 Comments

Yesterday, we introduced the newest addition to the Cisco edge portfolio, the Cisco Aggregation Services Router 1000 series, which is a testament to innovation of our engineers, a foundational platform to help providers transform the edge of their networks, and a proofpoint to our IPNGN architectural vision. We have a massive amount of content that can provide quite a bit of detail on the product and Suraj has already highlighted the virtual, viral, and visual aspects of the marketing that went into this launch. For this forum though, I think there are three key aspects of this platform which will have particular ramifications for the providers business.The Cisco ASR 1000:Establishes a new price/performance class at edgePlaced between the Cisco 7200 and 7600 series routers in the Cisco edge portfolio, one ASR is equivalent to 160 Cisco 7200 series routers. Compared to competitive, multivendor solutions, it costs less than half, requires only a third as much Opex annually, and uses just a fraction of the space. Synergy Research did a study of it before launch and wrote,”Not only offering a distinct capital expenditure advantage, owning a Cisco ASR Series router over a five-year period, in comparison to the competitors’ appliances, also constitutes a OpEx saving ranging from 1.6 to 4.7 times per year.”Benefit to providers: Get much more for far less for faster return on their investmentEnables”Instant-on” service delivery Embedded capabilities on every Cisco ASR 1000 permit new services to be activated with a keyboard versus a truck roll. Think about that -this is pretty amazing, because no appliances or even blades are needed if the provider wants to turn on a session border controller or firewall within the router -it fundamentally raises the bar as to how services will be delivered in the future.Benefit to providers: Put customers on (and bill for) a service faster for less cost, not to mention reductions in sparing costs, increased customer satisfaction, and more.Reduces carbon footprintCompared to competitive solutions, a single ASR can save the equivalent carbon emissions of upwards 17 tons of coal annually (or upwards of 77 barrels of oil). Benefit to providers: This high degree of energy efficiency is important not just from a social responsibility standpoint, but also, because power takes up such a large amount of operations expense, it directly affects a provider’s bottom line.As you know, we usually don’t talk about such product detail in this forum. It’s important to do so today though. While we spend most of our time in this blog discussing high-level issues affecting the service provider industry, it’s important to note that we are constantly innovating to help our provider customers have as flexible, capable, and robust of an IPNGN as possible to make the most of their business. The Cisco ASR 1000 is a great and timely example of that continued commitment. So while some may look at this as another product, we look at it as much more — another proofpoint towards our architectural vision, another proofpoint towards enabling our customers to succeed.

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