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Internet Predictions: From Participatory To Interplanetary Internetworking

February 3, 2010 - 2 Comments

Having just spent two weeks at the ITU-T NGN – Global Standards Initiative held in Geneva, Switzerland, January 18-29 2010.

I had an opportunity to read the IEEE Internet Computing, January-February 2010 special edition entitled, “Internet Predictions” co-edited by Vint Cerf, Google and Munindar P. Singh, North Carolina State University.

The contributors present various applications, technologies, trends such as participatory sensing, the Internet of Things; networked gameplay and the use of procedural content generation; to new ways of doing business, e.g. the company as a managed network; to the interplanetary internetwork.

 I enjoyed very much reading these various articles, as they were exciting and provocative.

I could not help but think that one of the innovations cited by Time Magazine, Inc, The Planetary Skin, a joint effort between Cisco and NASA, was number 17 on their 50 Best Inventions of 2009 list. The Planetary Skin is a global “nervous system” that will integrate sensors on land, in sea, in air, and in space to help make it possible to see the “whole picture” when it comes to the effects to and changes in the environment.

The pilot project, due in 2010, will track how much carbon is held by rain forests and where.

Finally, I will be in Paris, France next week for the MPLS and Ethernet World Congress. I look forward to a great conference in Paris, France!



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  1. Ah Maria,You will miss out on a good read! Fundamentally, as we dive into computing for human experience constructs whether via semantic-empowered sensors; and into an Internet that may be characterized as anytime, anyplace, anything"" connectivity, or the Internet of Things, one could imagine that privacy is a key topic.Best regards,Monique"

  2. Very interesting post. I went to the IEEE web page that you linked to, and found the 2-page summary'm confused, I guess, that Vint Cerf would write about keeping information alive.' I thought with the continuing decline in the cost of storage and 'the cloud' that storage and retrieval of permanently archived information would be easy. What did Vint say that was an 'aha?'My personal favorite topic is privacy so would love to know what Geoff Mulligan said about it.It seems that for $25, one can buy the 'book' with all 16 articles."