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April 22, 2008 - 0 Comments

Here are a few items that came across my reading queue this past week that I found of interest and thought that you may too-Enjoy and thanks for reading,DougSecond Life is pretty intriguing and here’s a New York Times blog post about amping up the reality part of virtual reality even further. At Cisco, our customers are often awe-struck when we conduct a presentation over or give a demonstration of Cisco TelePresence -with its high definition screens and spatial sound, the experience becomes so real that you have to resist the urge to shake hands with the participants on the other side of the table (who actually are thousands of miles away). As innovations such what is presented in the video on this post build upon virtual reality and”transposed reality” such as Cisco TelePresence, the holodeck and remote Holographic”presence” that was envisioned by NTT years ago and even demonstrated by Cisco the past fall, may very well enter the mainstream far sooner that many think.I thought the study highlighted in this post was of even more interest after Google announced their impressive quarter later this week. Though as members of a market driven economy we try our best to extrapolate forecasts from any and all indicators, the Invisible Hand of the market often proves too elusive.Mary Shacklett highlighted the opportunities that broadcasters of all sizes have in the new Internet evolution, using Arena Football as an example of an organization using a non-traditional approach and getting non-traditional and much higher success metrics as well.Ray Mota, chief strategist of Synergy and one of the major voices in the telecom industry analyst arena, debuted his personal blog this week — with his first few posts being about the rising Green trend in the industry. Whatever the topic, though, keeping tabs on what’s top of mind with him offers great insight as to what’s top of mind with his very broad range of his customers -I’ve already book marked the site and recommend you add it to your”read” list as well.Network World’s Layer 8 blog did a story on the first pitch of the New York Yankees home season being out of this world. As you may recall, Nick Adamo, our SVP of Service Provider Operations, is a huge Yankee fan, so here’s to hoping that such a frontier-breaking start to the season (not to mention a visit by Pope Benedict to Yankee Stadium) will help the team this year because if Nick isn’t happy- Lastly, check out this blog -it’s not about technology or even about service providers. But the fact that the Wall Street Journal has an entire blog on one of the biggest, best, cutting edge music festivals from the live music capital of the world, Austin (which, as a citizen, I am proud to say is the coolest city in the country and the heart of the Great State of Texas), well, that just makes the go-to-business publication all the more hip and in touch with its readers (especially this one).

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