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March 26, 2008 - 0 Comments

Measuring the pulse of the industry and keeping up with trends is a necessary part of many jobs, including mine -here are a few though-provoking posts that I have come across this past week that I thought may be relevant to you as well. Thanks for reading.Jon Arnold wrote an interesting post on Rethinking the Service Provider Business and discussed how revenues can be gained upstream (traditional subscriptions) and downstream (advertising, government services, etc.)John Battelle covered the recent spectrum auction in the US and assessed that while Google may not have been declared the winner, they may have achieved their goal.Jeff Kaplan discussed Managed Services 3.0 a few months ago and now is looking into”software as a service” aspects that are expanding what’s possible for a user’s business service experience. Plus, his pragmatic approach that focuses on the outcome versus the nomenclature associated with the execution is refreshing, as all too often these debates can digress to a focus on minutae.Phil Leigh has a video tutorial around the Hulu and Future of Television, which not only showcases the interesting features of the online television application, such as ad content, social media interactivity, and content choice, but it also foreshadows what the TV experience will be like on our living room televisions in the coming years.Lastly, on a similar note, a post on paints a vision along similar lines as Phil but points out some scaling challenges that service providers and infrastructure companies, like Cisco, are working to address to help make this future a reality.

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