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IBC 2010: Traveler’s Diary from Amsterdam

September 13, 2010 - 0 Comments

IBC 2010: I amsterdam

Key takeaways from Amsterdam:

caution - cycle pathBicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles: With dedicated bike paths being adjacent to the street and thousands of bell-ring people using them (often while texting, smoking, having their kids in the front and a friend sitting on the back), getting across the street is like playing a first-person game of “Frogger: the Human Edition.”

rough roadBuses handle driving off-road: I’m not used to seeing luxury buses driving through the mud, much less riding in them – but thousands of IBC’ers found out first-hand when the bus route was under construction, that the big buses can handle driving off-road through a muddy field just fine. Look for them next in an upcoming rally race.

Air conditioning is a good thing, even in Holland:  Surprisingly warm this week, Amsterdam was flat out hot while inside the RAI center, with tons of equipment in full operation and even more people in close proximity to one another (not to mention wearing wool suits…)

Beer and coffee seem to be their own food groups here: No time during a day is either out of fashion – perhaps it’s because both are consumed in quantity and that the stein-drinking lunch-goers don’t need mid-afternoon naps…

looking good in 3D glasses

There is no way to look cool in 3D glasses: None. Nada. Nyet. Nein. My failed attempts are just that. Failed attempts. Here’s hoping that Ray-ban goes big into the 3D glasses production business soon. (Wayfarer for me, please!)

This is a great place: Amsterdam has been overrun by tens of thousands of techies for the better part of the week, and the people here have been nothing but hospitable, warm, and welcoming. For this past week and going forward in spirit, I amsterdam. Come here and visit. And bring your family – it will be well worth it.

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