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IBBS Successfully Deploys Cisco Network Registrar, Providing Cloud-based DHCP and DNS Services to over 250 Cable Operators

September 21, 2011 - 0 Comments

Integrated Broadband Services (IBBS) is one of the largest cable operators in North and South America? Company name doesn’t ring a bell? You are not alone. According to company executives, “IBBS is the biggest cable company you’ve never heard of.” Here’s why – they’re behind the scenes, working with small and medium-sized local cable operators. IBBS offers hosted or cloud-based services to over 250 cable operators to help them provide data services and voice services to their subscribers – connecting more than one million cable modems across North and South America.

In the late 1990s, small and medium-sized cable television companies across North and South America recognized that to stay competitive with larger players and upstart “triple-threat” providers, they needed to offer high-speed data services to their customers. They faced a significant challenge, however, when it came to provisioning all the new IP-based devices and services they needed to deploy. Writing their own software was a daunting task, but purchasing new solutions was beyond the constrained budgets that most of these companies faced.

In 2001, IBBS wrote software that automated the provisioning and diagnostics of all these devices and was preparing to unleash a managed service to support small and medium-sized cable operators.. However, IBBS needed a flexible way to deliver DNS and DHCP services that would accommodate its cable operator customers’ diverse devices and business rules.

In 2001, IBBS chose Cisco Network Registrar and deployed it in a single, multitenant cluster. The flexibility and scalability of the solution has allowed the company to provide cable modem access services using a cloud model for the past 10 years with very little cost. Cisco Network Registrar allows IBBS to configure requests on a per-operator, per-access equipment, and per-customer equipment basis. According to Kyle Johnson, Director of Product Strategy at IBBS, this control has been a key to their success. “Because Cisco Network Registrar is so scalable and configurable, we’ve never had to say no to a customer request.”

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And watch the following video, in which Mr. Johnson and other IBBS executives sit down with Cisco to share some highlights concerning how Cisco Network Registrar is helping to drive their business success today and into the future.

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