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How Do You Use Twitter for Business?

March 4, 2009 - 6 Comments

CiscoSP360 on TwitterTweeters Use Twitter for Business…was a story that ran recently through MediaPost’s ONLINE Media Daily and caught my attention.My work at Cisco doesn’t require me to be an engineer – I am a marketer…(DON’T STOP READING!)I do have 30+ years in the technology industry so I am “tech savvy.” My technology career started back in the days of word processors, moved on to companies like Hayes modems (remember the 2400 bps PC modem we thought was fast?) and to see bulletin board systems and the “BBS Con event” give way to the Internet. For the past 14 years, I’ve been a “video technology gal” working for Scientific Atlanta which was acquired by Cisco in 2006.Since my being a part of Cisco’s SP marketing group, an entire new world has opened up to me (including being a part of this blog). I’ve moved from B-MAC video compression, MPEG-2, to MPEG-4 (or is it H.264 or AVC?) and now to IP – more specifically Cisco’s IP NGN and IP contribution (used by NBC at the Beijing Olympics). I’ve learned about the latest routing technology (love that new ASR 9000 series – remember to participate in our latest Edge Quest 2 tournament to test your network skills)….and I am also watching the tools for marketing change dramatically. No longer do we use only the “spray and pray” tools like advertising or being at every trade show or event. We are finding ways to “attract and engage” through tools such as Web 2.0, social media networking and virtual trade shows and events. It is truly all about video, virtual, and viral when it comes to marketing.Now back to the “Business Tweeters…” As the newest Cisco SP360 blogger, I wanted to get your thoughts on the use of Twitter for Business: Do you, or would you, use Twitter to follow Cisco?According to Rodney Rumford, a social media guru, about 56% of Twitter users say they use this online social networking site for business purposes. A gourmet Korean taco truck business in LA has built its business through followers on Twitter. The driver tweets where the truck will be in 20 minutes and people show up to eat. Rumford also says that Starbucks boasts 6 million Twitter followers; although, I could only “find” about 68,000 Starbucks followers when I looked. Cisco’s CTO Padmasree Warrior has 38,244 followers. I only have 4. (Hmm…are followers, admirers? And, does having more followers say you’re a better leader?)All the News That’s Fit to Tweet @ Cisco, is a recent post on our sister blog, The Platform, that showed 26 Cisco Twitter accounts that you can follow – including CiscoSP360. Follow us and I’ll make sure you know the latest news from service provider marketing and know where to find us – just like that taco truck. More importantly, let me know what you think – do you want to twitter with Cisco? Give me a tweet @ballarp.

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  1. …Starbucks boasts 6 million Twitter followers”” – unbelievable.When people see so fabulous numbers the only thought is to create a corporate page on Twitter.However, everything is not so easy as it may seem. It is hard to convert Twitter followers in conversions if you have a growing business. You must have a talent to gain your followers confidence.”

  2. I think it’s a generation thing. People under 35 seem totally at ease twittering and texting and networking with 8000 people they have no intention of ever meeting, personally I still have trouble with the telphone. But I can interact with machines to trade stocks. I also think this social networking mallarkey is very much like the ‘spray and pray’ approach you mentioned dabove.

  3. The internet is one of the best solution to market your business. Social networking sites promote better since there are as many users as you can imagine. In this way, you can get more connections. Twitter do it best.

  4. Actually I started out more socially and still am, first following those in my area, making friends. Enjoying those friendships, which has spread to most all other continents, I cannot help thinking twitter will help bridge those contacts locally, increasing our business. Not having to Push anything on anyone, as my twitter keyword name and web site http://paintingdenver says it all. )

  5. I started promoting my computer maintenance business on twitter six months ago, and although I had my doubts at first, it payed out in the end. Most of my clients now come from twitter traffic, or from search engines.

  6. Thanks for the update of your journey.Though I’ve only been using Twitter for about a week I already have new business from it. Tweetdeck has been amazing at helping me keep up. On the flip side it can be an interruption. Schedule Twitter time to help you mind the business of business.