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From China IPv6 Summit to Futurenet in Boston

Monique MorrowJust back from Beijing where I had great pleasure to participate in the Global Mobile Internet & IPv6-Next Generation Internet Summit 2009.The conference message was a resounding “move forward” with IPv6 adoption, a rather appropriate follow-up to my blog posting from March 2008.However it should be noted that the IPv4 address free pool held by the IANA is running out. Estimates of the depletion date point to mid 2011 as the time when IANA will have no more IPv4 address space to distribute to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).The RIR free pool will run out shortly after that (each RIR community has different consumption rates, so “run out” for each RIR will occur at different times following the IANA pool depletion).IPv6 is recognized by the IETF as well as by policy makers as the only viable way of scaling the addressing requirements for the growing Internet. Getting there is not such a straightforward task as IPv6 is incompatible with IPv4 on the wire.The problem is simple: throughout its lifetime the Internet has been a rapidly growing communications medium. Resources for addressing devices have been plentiful, with major challenges being technology and physics.Today the industry is on the verge of running out of IPv4 addresses (and 16-bit ASNs).scalingIt is in the interest of all players in the industry to collaborate together as to ensure that the Internet can continue growing and scaling in the way that everyone has become accustomed to over the past 20 years or so.On a different note, and speaking of “summits” I am also reminded that one my Cisco colleagues and IPv6 experts, Ciprian “Chip” Popoviciu, had climbed Mt. Everest about a year ago, partnering with Martin Magnet GT Middle School in Raleigh North Carolina, to participate interactively with Chip. You can read about Chip’s extraordinary journey at:, I will be speaking at the Futurenet Conference in Boston next week.The Pizza-beer shoot out on “Logical Internet – Will Route Scalability and Address Depletion Create “The Perfect Storm?” promises to stimulate a lively discussion.Stay tuned for more!

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