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From Internet of Things to Web of Things

January 25, 2011 - 6 Comments

Since my last blog posted this past December specifically on the ITU-T Focus Group Cloud Computing activities; the ITU-T Focus Group has had its Fourth Meeting held in Nanjing, PRC Jan 10-13 2011.

Moving to another subject, the Internet of Things (IoT) , has been emerging quite prominently as a pivotal topic in the industry and within several SDOs and Forums.  Recall, that the ITU produced a report on the Internet of Things in 2005 and highlighted so called “always on “technologies”:

The following diagram depicts nicely the IoT eco-system that maps into the appropriate industry sector:

Beecham Research Iinternet of Things

Interestingly, within the ITU-T specifically SG-13 there is quite a bit of discussion on so called Web of Things or WoT.

This discussion reminds me of a blog I posted almost two years ago on semantic web.

Cisco has been quite active in the IPSO Alliance and further holds leadership roles accordingly.

From a mobile computing perspective the IoT theme has been around on Machine to Machine communications [M2M].

Interestingly the subject of IoT is currently focused on an evolution to Web of Things or WoT.  Fundamentally, the Web of Things explores how objects and or devices that contain embedded devices are integrated into the Web.

There has been some work within the ITU-T to develop a framework for the Web of Things, specifically within ITU-SG 13.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the Internet of Things and The Web of Things as we move to 2011!

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  1. Hi Monique, Thanks for the introducing this topic. The diagram illustrates the breadth of WoT. when you couple the number of applications with the number of standards organisations involved in harmonising this topic, we truly have a challenge on our hands. Looking at it from mobile perspective, Cisco is in a good position leverage its existing portfolio to make them M2M compatible. As with any nascent opportunity, the trick is to present business models and the technology solution that will get service providers excited about this.

    • Dear Sourabh I could not agree with you more in terms of understanding the IoT ecosystem; the evolution to WoT, and the M2M applicability for mobile. Think about context awareness and its implications in communications.... Thanks again! Monique

  2. >Interestingly the subject of IoT is currently focused on an >evolution to Web of Things or WoT. Couldn't agree more with you on that, we've been discussing the evolution from an Internet of Things to a Web of Things (WoT) on We organize the second edition of our workshop on the WoT ( and would love to have some contributions from Cisco and others.

    • Dominique Many thanks for the invitation to contribute - indeed this is a hot subject! Merci - Monique

  3. Hi, Monique. I had the pleasure of seeing Wim Elfrink speak at the Web 2.0 Summit, and it was clear that there is genuine interest and even passion about the topic within Cisco. I'm the CTO/Co-Founder of ThingWorx, a platform for web of things/the connected world. I'd be happy to show you what we've built, as it is a quite innovative approach to creation of applications and content on top of the sea of sensor data, services, people, systems, and events that the web of things exposes. There is a staggering amount of value to be unlocked, but it is not going to be achieved with traditional approaches to connecting "things" nor with traditional tools for building the high-value apps on top of the web of things. Happy to chat about it anytime. Rick Bullotta ThingWorx

    • Rick, Thank you so much for your comments on this topic. Passionate on web of things! Absolutely! Best always, Monique