Femto Family Fun – the AT&T 3G MicroCell

October 7, 2010 - 1 Comment

Nothing says father-son bonding as much as spending part of your weekend afternoon installing a cell tower in your home.  And that’s what I did last weekend with my 8 year-old.  But instead of needing a crane, support crew, and OSHA certification, we managed to clear some Legos off of the table top and install it in our game room, courtesy of the AT&T 3G MicroCell solution.

It’s a cell tower in our house, easy enough for a marketing guy like me to install, and delivers a signal strength higher than we’ve ever seen in our hillside home.

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  1. I installed my AT&T 3G Microcell–and it was was just that easy… And, yes–5-bars!

    I purchased it while home for the holidays. My parents had installed a new all-steel roof making a weak East Dallas cell signal non-existant.

    After filling out all the “E-9-1-1” information online, I placed the 3G Microcell near a window so that the GPS signal would lock in and coordinate with the online information supplied.

    Then the wait.

    The documentation noted that it could take up to 90-minutes to complete installation. But within 20-minutes my iPhone switched to the Microcell and calling/data was strong and fast.

    The down side has been several times both sides of a phone call are deafened by a noise that sounds akin to an Alien tele-con in a SciFi movie. But end and replace the call all is good. However, many calls do have tha VoIP digitized sound and dropping syllables here and there.

    Relocating the Microcell to my home in Miami was just as easy. Update the E911 data online, plug in and go! In Miami the initial log-in took nearly 100-minutes. Maybe because it was a change of venue. In Dallas it was hooked into an AT&T DSL line. Here in Miami Beach, Atlantic Broadband Cable modem.

    Those very small inconveniences really minimal in view of the huge gain of full & complete coverage in my home.