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Experience Provider ABC’s

September 17, 2007 - 1 Comment

Today we expect to be seamlessly connected anytime, anywhere, and on any device -what we all want is a Connected Life. Service providers that can deliver a premium end-to-end”Connected Experience” to their customers will be rewarded with greater customer loyalty, brand recognition, and increased profitability. What’s this means is that service providers have to make the transition to becoming Experience Providers.There are three main attributes, or ABC’s, in transitioning into an Experience Provider. These are:1. Accelerating the Connected Life2. Boldly taking on new innovative business models3. Changing the equation from quad-play to any-play Over the course of my next few blog entries, I will discuss these three attributes and invite you participate in the discussion.Today’s topic is”Accelerating the Connected Life“. A Connected Life requires providers to deliver personalized experiences that include seamless communications, collaboration tools, personalized content, and rich applications and mash-ups. Customers want a provider who’s dedicated to the end-result whether it is over cable, mobile, satellite, or a landline. The Connected Life experience weaves in a multitude of applications, opening up a multi-faceted on-line”connected” dimension and includes not only traditional providers but also those over-the-top (OTT) providers, including Yahoo, Google, MySpace, etc. NTT DoCoMo is a great example of a provider delivering unique experiences in Japan. By accelerating the Japanese Connected Life and pioneering the”lifestyle infrastructure“, NTT DoCoMo has weaved their services into the lifestyles of millions of users. According to Takeshi Natsuno, Senior VP, NTT DoCoMo, if I was a consumer in Japan, I would never have to open up my wallet. Instead, I could use my mobile phone to book and purchase an airline ticket, then hop into a taxi and head for the airport, download my e-boarding pass, pay for the cab at the airport, buy something to eat, drink and read, as well as book a hotel room while waiting for the flight, and then take a cab to the hotel after I land.People all over Japan today are enjoying such connected lifestyle experiences. Masao Nakamura, President/CEO of NTT DoCoMo said”the mobile phone has become something people keep nearby constantly, 24 hours per day.” Clearly there are many other service providers that are transitioning into experience providers and I plan to cover a variety of examples in future blog entries.Increasingly customers will lose patience with multiple-step relationships with their providers. One face, one experience with seamless connectivity and interactivity is the goal. Providers with a relentless focus on the connected life experience will win their fair share of the market and surface as the brands to follow. Achieving this Connected Life requires providers to boldly take on new innovative business models. In my next entry, I’ll show some risk-taking moves that are yielding big-time results.

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