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Edge Routers! Lowest Price! Don’t Pay a Cent! Get a Great Deal Now!

December 4, 2009 - 0 Comments

We are constantly bombarded with headline ads like these, especially at this time of year, offering us the “lowest” price on just about anything, from cars, to electronics like an ultra-HD Flip video camera, clothing, and even dental work. Black Friday, traditionally known for huge sales, and named for the day that shoppers push retailers into profitability is a great example. Cisco ASR 9000 Series Total Cost of OwnershipIn fact, this year in the US, many retailers opened their doors on Thanksgiving Day, at 12:00 midnight aiming to capture early bird shoppers the day beforehand (crazy Americans). With the unsettled state of our economy, many consumers have remained frugal over the past year, and thus the heightened pitch of “best price deals” surrounds us.

What is a great deal? It is really about going back to the basics to determine the total cost of ownership. In the world of Service Provider Infrastructure, a key fact to remember is that the initial price is not the “true” value and accounts for only thirty percent of the total cost.

How about getting the best value for your edge routers? The Cisco ASR 9000 Series the most powerful and scalable edge router in the industry and it may not be the lowest priced on day one. However, an amazing fact is that over the longer term, the ASR 9000 offers the lowest total cost of ownership. How can that be?

Quite simple actually, once you factor in operational costs, maintenance, service contracts, and software licenses over a 5-year period. A very important factor to include is the rate of growth in subscribers, services, and traffic over the course of the project. Can the platform scale easily to support capacity for the digital explosion of video with required features such as in-line video monitoring without separate appliances or specialty blades?

In fact, using industry traffic growth figures of 30-100% sourced from the Cisco Visual Networking Index, Sandvine, and the ATLAS internet studies, a recent comparison by IDC of the ASR 9000 versus alternative platforms showed a TCO savings of 25% up to 60% depending on configuration. You don’t have to just take our word for it, as you can listen to our webinar replay from IDC experts.

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