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Drum Roll Please…Connected Life Contest Winners

October 31, 2007 - 0 Comments

After a 3 month competition and a month-long rounds of judging, the announcement of the Connected Life Contest has come. We received over 600 entries that were submitted for review by panel of experts including Cisco executives, industry analysts, and Service Provider customers. The submissions were categorized around different aspects of the Connected Life, whether it be At Home, At Work and On the Move, and some common themes from many of the submissions became apparent. At home, consumers wanted to converge and consolidate control of their various home entertainment devices (e.g., TV, set top box, stereo, DVR/PVR, etc.). At work, contestants wanted better real-time communication and sharing of business-critical data. On the move, wireless aficionados expressed the desire to access, share and personalize entertainment and business services and content with their mobile devices. Okay so with further ado, the Grand Prize Winner is… amir.jpgAmir from Chapel Hill, North Carolina for his vision of a Personal Digital Butler. The idea is that everything in your home from computers to appliances to alarm clocks is centrally managed and accessible through your car or phone. I have a bad habit of leaving my stereo on when I leave the house – it sure would be nice to be able to turn it off from my phone when I’m at work or to be able to preheat my oven from my car as I make the commute home- What do you think? How would you use your Personal Digital Butler?Runner-up Winners: – Rhonda (California, USA) – Hide & Seek Application– Erik (Ontario, Canada) – My Connected Smart Catalogue– Grant (Texas, USA) – E-Medical Card– John (Ontario, Canada) – Affordable Home Monitoring System– Dean (New York, USA) – E-Music Discovery & Purchase – Omari (Virginia, USA) – Personal Presence-Based Identity – Larry (Ontario, Canada) – Home Entertainment Hub – John (California, USA) – TelePresence for Music Production/Events – Lincoln (Ohio, USA) – “Cloud Computer” Service – Mike (Ontario, Canada) –Proximity Detector for Kids The winners were announced yesterday in a second life virtual event, complete with demonstrations and videos from the winners. In addition, over the next few weeks I’m going to explore each idea in a little more depth. I would love hear from you on which ideas you’d like to see made into reality and on any other ideas you may have that you’d like to see in your Connected Life.Thanks to all who participated in the contest -I hope you found it enjoyable and engaging -and congratulations to Amir and the rest of the winners!

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