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Designing the Connected Life

September 13, 2007 - 8 Comments

At Cisco, we’ve been working with service providers around the world to help craft their new”offer” -no longer will they be offering just voice, or video, or data, or mobility, but rather integrated experiences that blend all of these throughout their subscribers’ daily lives, whether they be at home, at work, or on the move. We call this the”Connected Life” and are actively working to enable it for providers to deliver. But we recognize that while we have had many ideas on this and are actively innovating on many of them, we certainly don’t have a monopoly on them. So many of the participants on the Human Network have some great ideas as well. We wanted to add their voices into the process as well, and one of the ways we are doing is to invite consumers to participate through a contest called”Help Design the Connected Life.” We’ve received ideas from all over the world -in fact, many more than we anticipated, and the ideas have covered the gamut in terms of creativity, enthusiasm, and vision. We’ll be higlighting some of their ideas on this blog in the weeks to come, but if you’re interested in participating, there is no time like the present, as the contest ends on September 14th. (click here to submit your idea).But even if the timing doesn’t work for the contest, please know we’re always interested in getting your thoughts and opinions, whether in this new SP360 blog and the many other interactive forums we host. Thanks for visiting with us today and for your collaboration to help design the Connected Life.Doug WebsterDirector, MarketingCisco Systems, Inc.

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  1. Just to follow up, our panel of industry experts has evaluated and judged the entries, and Cisco will publicly announce the contests grand prize(one) and runner-up winners (ten) on October 30, 2007 through the contest web site ( and a comprehensive social media release. Thanks to all who have shown an interest in the contest -- We look forward to sharing their the winners' ideas at the end of the month!

  2. The hundreds of submissions have gone through several reviews to date and are now being judged by executives at some of our top service provider customers -- we are looking to announce the winners at the end of month, using both this vehicle and a few others, so stay tuned!

  3. Hi Doug,Its been more than 4 weeks since the competition ended, and I was wondering when will Cisco post the results and the winners...Can you share this info with us?Ronen

  4. Hi Doug,Its been more than 4 weeks since the competition ended, and I was wondering when will Cisco post the results and the winners...Can you share this info with us?Ronen

  5. Hi Ronen,You’re correct in that Holland is quite technologically advanced (not to mention gorgeous!) -- in fact I was there just last month, meeting with many industry analysts. I was particularly impressed with the innovation being delivered to customers by Dansk Broadband – very pioneering.The limitations on the contest eligibility certainly aren’t a statement on that, however, but rather just a pragmatic factor of having a finite amount of resources to be applied to a project. Since only a few countries could be included, I had to make hard decisions, based on a number of factors, including availability in-house vs. outsourced legal counsel, population size, and SP innovation. I take full responsibility for those decisions, and agree that it quite unfortunate that Holland and many other worthy countries could not be included in the eligibility. However, I’m glad you and many others were able to contribute your voice. In the end, the contest was meant to encourage dialogue about the possibilities that networking could bring to improve people’s lives, whether they be at work, at home, or on the move, and to allow people to participate in the innovation process here at Cisco. With your three entries, I hope you feel your voice will be heard.Thanks for participating, regardless of your eligibility, and thanks for visiting with us at Cisco.Doug

  6. Ronen,I'd like to encourage you to check out coComment which allows you to track conversations you have online so that you get notified when someone responds to you via blogs.~ LaSandra"

  7. Hi Doug,Thank you very much for your reply - I thought that my comment will never be posted and I will not get any response. You people realy believe in open discussion, and this is what sets the different between Cisco and other companies...I got some ideas for you: First , for this Blog - when I submit some post - I would expect the Blog to send me it by Email, and especially when there is some reply to my post... this is part of my connected life.As to the Cennected Life Contest: While I have submitted 3 ideas through the web site, I had to fill my Address and my Country as well, I would assume that in that field (country) you should limit it only to the countries that eligable to the contest. I don't see any reason why a country such as Holland should be excluded (there is Cisco Company there for sure as well lawyers) and it is one of the most advanced countries in term of technology (not to mention Korea)Furthermore - if you check the contest rules - then persons who submitted their ideas are giving up the rights on these ideas to Cisco... I think Cisco should check weather it can actually use ideas that from uneligable countries.Doug - you don't have to submit this on the Blog if you feel it is not appropriate, I just don't have any other option to reply to you (don't have your email address)Ronen

  8. Hi Doug, For your information, The Connected Life Contest is not open to all the worldwite citizens as you wrote here. If you carefully click on the Official Rules"" Tab you will find out...I wonder why a company like Cisco will do this... here is a Quote from your web site: ""ELIGIBILITY: The Cisco “Connected Life” Contest (“Contest” or “Promotion”) is Sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc. (“Sponsor” or “Cisco”) and is open and offered only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and Washington D.C. (“U.S.”), Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan who are physically located in and currently residing in these countries""I believe you still can change this rule... and maybe compensate by opening up a new contest for the ""rest of the world"""^0^1^^^0^0 10191^4950^Doug Webster^^^^2008-05-22 19:31:39^2008-05-22 19:31:39^"Hi Ronen, and thanks for the note. To clarify, my comment was that we have received ideas from all over the world,"" not that it was open to worldwide participation. Unfortunately, worldwide participation is not possible due to the wide ranging and variable laws each autonomous country, and sometimes even each state or province, has regarding contest awards (and for that matter, just about all other topics). As a result, the legal work required for a truly global contest would be overwhelming, making an effort like this not possible. (If you look at other contest rules, you'll see that they too, unfortunately, have limitations as well.) In order to launch this opportunity to the market, we then had to focus on countries where we had in-house counsel (for greater efficiencies in bringing this about) and which we believed would be quite likely to source some very unique ideas inspired by some of the services that their in-country providers are currently offering. This was the justification for the selection of countries we were able to include. But even though the contest did have its legal limitations, many ideas were submitted by others outside of those countries or after the contest closed last month. While the contest is a great means to inspire creativity, there are many other great vehicles that the greater Human Network can be use to share ideas as well -- such as this blog. I would welcome any ideas you have as to what you'd like in your Connected Life.Thanks again for the feedback and for visiting with us,Doug"