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Data Trends: Yotta?

July 14, 2008 - 0 Comments

imageWhen I speak with customers or at conferences, I often speak about data trends and applications as input to dimensioning a service and network. These data are being transmitted over a network; and, this fact highlights Cisco’s”Network as the Platform.” Three trends are converging today:1. Entertainment content is collapsing onto a common, digital source Music, film and print are all now just a string of O’s and 1’s.2. We have the global, Internet Protocol network that allows us to distribute and share digital content around the world.3. Finally, with digital content devices are freed from being tied or locked into a single distribution network.We now have phones that act as cameras, newspaper readers and portable music players.imageThis shift fundamentally changes our relationship with entertainment content and empowers us to consume entertainment when, where, and on the device of our choice.Further, Web 2.0 drives greater consumer choice, participation and control as the Internet is now surpassing TV in terms of media usage. When we add applications like interactive gaming, broadcast TV and HDTV MPEG-4, planning and dimensioning the services and underlying network are critical for the Service Provider. Assuring quality of service, security, and implementing overall network management will be pivotal towards service level agreement compliance.These issues are opportunities for the industry as a whole.In the meantime, I will be hosting a plenary panel at the Broadband World Forum in Hong Kong on July 16 2008.Stay tuned for more!

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