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Connected Life vs. Disconnected Life

June 24, 2008 - 0 Comments

By reading this blog, perusing our web site, visiting with us at tradeshows or hearing our presentations, you’ve likely learned about our vision for the integrated branded experience for today’s end users. Cisco enables and experience providers deliver these experiences to their customers through all aspects of our daily lives, whether at work, at home or on the move. We call this the Connected Life and are actively innovating to provide the intelligent network technology that providers need to deliver it.While some may call this as visionary, we think it is self evident (likely happening sooner than you’d think). But to help make the point, we decided to show what things would be like from a contrarian’s point of view, so we created a video”sitcom” of sorts where you can watch the comic travails that lurk for the unenlightened and “dumb network” dependent. You see this as you watch how it directly affects the”disconnected lives” of Don and Rhonda DeLay -a married couple in need of a communications upgrade. First meet the characters, then check out the web sitcom episodes and see if they can repair their ‘disconnected life’.Social Marketing Guru, David Meerman Scott, says he has”high hopes” for these videos and is looking forward to future episodes. What do you think?Be sure to check them out and give us your thoughts. And if you’d prefer, here’s where they’re posted on YouTube.

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