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Cisco Flip Video™ Footage From the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

February 19, 2010 - 9 Comments

As we have almost reached the half-way point for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games, I wanted to share with you exclusive footage that was taped using Cisco Flip Video™ cameras to tell “the rest of the story” from the Olympics Opening Day & the Chinatown Spring Festival. Please check out February 12-28 for complete footage from the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Additionally, please be sure to check out how Cisco is providing NBC with medianet technologies to support its coverage of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

Olympics Opening Day Montage
Go Canada Go! See a Cisco Flip Video collection of moments from this year’s Opening Day, including a run with the torch bearer, and zipline snowboard and hockey players. Ten points for attribution on the torch bearer; ten more for an accurate count of how many other Flip cameras you can count in this Opening Day video montage, captured on Flip Video.

Chinatown Spring Festival
This year’s Olympic Games coincided with the annual Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival, on February 14th near the Chinese Cultural Centre. The festival bursts with color and sound, in celebration of the Chinese lunar year. This snippet, captured on Flip video, shows a different kind of team effort: Making a dragon dance.

Also, Check out the latest Flip Video clips from athletes and staffers at the Games on

More footage added FEB-23:

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  1. Hi Shivlu -- I agree! Look for some more detail on how Cisco, Video, and the Commonwealth Games soon... Looking forward to the games myself!Doug

  2. @Zoya - Thanks for sharing this video collection of Winter Olympics using Flip video recorder, it's nice.I am fascinated by how people, technology and internet have come together to change the world. The quality of recording and length is unparalleled in

  3. Thanks for the feedback and glad you like what you're seeing from us! We're actively striving to continue to set the bar for the industry and bring a great deal of value to our customers. I don't believe we dominate"" per se as we have some really strong competitors that help to advance the industry further, but I am certainly glad you prefer Cisco...!Thanks again,Doug"

  4. Cisco is definitely doing some great things in the industry right now. More and more I am seeing why they have become so dominate in the marketplace.

  5. data recovery, you don't like 100's of song that sound exactly the same? weird..haha

  6. That's pretty amazing footage from a Flip. But I am still disappointed that Canada didn't use the ceremonies as an opportunity to officially apologize for Nickelback.

  7. Thank you Michael! Agreed! The Flip footage allowed viewers to get to really know the athletes this year & showcase a lot of behind the scenes footage.

  8. This is a great example of harnessing end users to create compelling content from unique perspectives. Love what Cisco has done with this effort!

  9. What's cisco plan action for delivering common wealth games in India?Seems to be a good opportunity to show the technology to end users.regardsshivlu jain