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Cisco EDGE QUEST Tournament of Aces Design Bake Off : Artists on your Marks”¦

May 6, 2008 - 1 Comment

edge-quest.gifHi. Cisco ASR Edge Master Webster here. The Cisco EDGE QUEST Tournament of Aces is underway. And, many of you are tearing-it-up in as you work towards a top 100 score that will give you the opportunity to compete for US $10,000 and an ASR 1002 router (signed by the lead architect).As I mentioned in my last post, throughout the qualifying round (May 5th through June 11th), we’re going to introduce tips-n-tricks, news and fun, creative ways to engage with us during the tournament. So- A question for you-.Of all the questions that I’ve had on the EDGE QUEST game, I was expecting to get the most around what we did to make the Cisco ASR hypercraft fly (that would be a fun request to try to get past our engineers in a roadmap concept commit meeting-). Nope. Instead, I’ve had the most questions about the look of the Cisco ASR hypercraft. “Why not add stripes?” “Can you make it all black?” “How about teal with red stripes?”Enough is enough. Do you think you have a better design idea for the Cisco ASR craft? If so, bring your artistic vision and skills to the Cisco ASR EDGE QUEST Hypercraft Design Bake Off. How does this work?

  • Easy — Simply, go to our Facebook page and choose one of the three Cisco ASR 1000 Series router models and start designing. Add new parts and color away!
  • Submissions can be scanned or uploaded until 9 p.m. Pacific Time on May26 (5 a.m. UTC on May 27).
  • The top two designs will be revealed on May 27, and then it will be up to YOU to pick narrow the field where one will be chosen.
  • All can participate (and because it is about a router, see if you can’t apply the time to your”training” development goal for the year-
  • For ‘terms of submission’, click here.

Why do it?Bragging rights and a chance to see your design”in lights.” Your craft could very well be featured in the final EDGE QUEST Tournament of Aces winner take all “Money Round” that will take place on June 16, 2008.Have fun, get creative, and submit your design today. Who knows.. may be with your design, the engineers will listen a bit longer to the”flying router” idea-Live long and network!

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  1. Cisco is trying hard to update its nerd image into something more techno-hip.It’s an interesting concept for a router maker to host a gaming tourney of its own homegrown game