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Cisco Edge Quest Tournament of Aces : Can you handle it?

May 5, 2008 - 3 Comments

Hi. Cisco ASR Edge Master Webster here. I’m pleased to be officially announcing the Cisco Edge Quest Tournament of Aces. Thousands have played Cisco Edge Quest, an online game we introduced when we launched the new Cisco ASR 1000 Series Routers, the world’s most powerful compact router. In the game, players maneuver a hypercraft modeled after the router through various levels and increasingly use its capabilities to defend the network edge. It’s fast, fun, and hey, since learning comes through playing, it may even be able to be applied toward your”training” development goal at work-Now in this tournament, you can play, challenge a friend, and see if you score high enough during the qualifying round to be eligible to compete in the”money round” — a 24 hour winner-take-all battle where the highest scorer receives US$10,000 and a Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router (signed by the Senior Vice Presidents aka Network Commanders Pankaj Patel and Tony Bates along with lead architects of the product- I mean when was the last time you had a”signature edition” router?!)The Tournament of Aces will starts today, May 5 through June 11th, with top 100 qualifiers then going on to compete in a 24 hour battle on June 16th which will feature some brand new levels.Why do this? What tips and tricks are we willing to share? Why not, is more like it?! Come on, you know you like games, have hummed”Pinball Wizard” before, and liked seeing your name in lights on the high score board at the arcade -let’s do it again, this time for $$! Watch this short video (fyi, there’s a surprise ending-) that I co-hosted with the game developer Ken Miller from Somnio Solutions of Austin, Texas, and learn the”who, what, why and how” about this fast, fun and online game.As they say, however,”that’s not all.” We’re taking the virtual, visual and viral marketing efforts that we did for the Cisco ASR 1000 launch even further. Through our Facebook community, podcasts hosted by none other than the gaming guru himself, Randy Jordan of The Instance who runs a World of Warcraft podcast with tens of thousands of global subscribers, and future communications, we’re going reveal additional tips, tricks and market insights that can help you boost your score (and not to mention your water cooler bragging rights). The more you watch, listen and play the more knowledge you’ll gain to help you on your EdgeQuest.Are you eligible?Yes, there are some restrictions (eg, I am OUT of the running, and lucky for you, because beta testing this game has given me plenty of practice). So, please do consult, the official terms and conditions for participation in the Cisco Edge Quest Tournament, please visit’t miss this opportunity to play, learn, network, and to do some office trash-talking! You too may be able to earn the title of Edge Master.Live long and network.

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  1. hi, thank you for this great informationRegards,Meki ChanCisco Trick"

  2. Hi -- the packets are placed in the same locations each round and the multipliers can be stacked to help boost your points. Be sure to check out the upcoming podcasts for some more tips.... Good luck!Doug

  3. I love any game that will let me win money. XD.there is just two things im too lazy to figure out.Are the packets"" placed at ramdon or are they always at the same plaze and the mutiplier power up, if i take two are they stockable, i mean will i get the bonuses twice and do they last for the whole level or just until you drop the packets after pickin up the power up?"