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Cisco at IBC: Cisco Enriches Digital Video Experience for Serbia Broadband Consumers

September 18, 2009 - 3 Comments

Medianet Technology Brings High-Definition Video and Personalized On-Demand Services to Southeast Europe
Cisco announces that it is developing an end-to-end digital video solution for Serbia Broadband (SBB) and Telemach in Slovenia to provide rich, interactive and personalized media experiences to their subscribers.

Starting November 2009, consumers will be able to access high-definition (HD) video, to be followed by a variety of interactive services such as real-time video on demand (VoD), digital video recording (DVR), gaming, and information retrieval for live news and weather updates.

Dragan Solak, Serbia Broadband and Telemach Board Chairman, shares why they chose Cisco to evolve its video network to a medianet.

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  1. To specify further: currently in Slovenia they are few private companies, which build optical networks. One is Telekom (old ex-monopol provider, which is quilty one for very bad state of copper wires), T-2 (not so new one, but they saw potencial of optic fibres long before Telekom and they built extensive network before Telekom started building theirs) and few others. Main problem here in Slovenia is not putting cables into the ground is geting permmition to do it. You can always stumble on some private owner of the land on which your cable/optical fibres must go through. Goverment is also an issue.

  2. Hi Martina,Yes, having the right bb infrastructure is essential. We’re seeing now cable operators investing in different bandwidth reclamation technologies or even upgrades to 1Ghz spectrum to get more competitive last mile speeds. Of course telcos are pushing fiber and vdsl deployment to get competitive. There’s a base of network infrastructure investments that are required to enable many of these advanced services. We at Cisco have a very good mapping of what services can be deployed based on network capabilities today and in the future. Without knowing more about your deployment, it’s hard to comment further. Thanks for the comment.Murali

  3. These new services are exiting, but problem here in Slovenia is very slow bulding of optical infrastructure, old copper wires are not good enough for demands of these technologies.