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January 24, 2011 - 0 Comments

A few weeks ago, at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, we introduced Videoscape – our vision and product portfolio for re-inventing television in a way that bridges broadcast, Pay TV, online, on-demand, social media, and communications.

What does that really mean? Check out this series of four shorts , created to add depth and context to the notion of television, re-invented. It’s all about what Videoscape can do for service providers, to dramatically improve how people consume television.

In short, Videoscape helps service providers offer:

  • More Content:  In a consumer video marketplace where fragmentation is rampant, it’s important to be the one provider that offers all the content – so that viewers  spend more  time enjoying instead of searching for a title. Over-the-top providers cannot provide the infinite content choices a Service Provider can offer with Videoscape.
  • Mobility: The idea of taking your content anywhere is a great one – in theory. Sometimes, though, it’s not so straightforward. Fragmentation, again! This phone may not work with that player, or this over-the-top video service may not work on that handheld. Videoscape helps service providers to make mobile video a reality, without any limitation to the type, brand or location of the device.
  • Higher Quality Video: Video consumed over the public Internet has its fair share of issues – buffering, jerkiness, freezes. Why? Because the Internet is a best effort medium, and when it gets clogged, bits have trouble getting through. This isn’t the case for professional video service providers relying on Cisco video technology. As they outfit their networks with Videoscape to serve video over IP, the guaranteed optimal quality of experience now known only to TVs will extend to all other screens.
  • More set-top functionality: If CES is any example, the tsunami of consumer electronics gadgetry is unstoppable.  New Over-the-top boxes and services are everywhere, but do these offer the immersive video experience consumers want? No.  With the Videoscape migration portfolio, Service providers can utilize their installed base of Set tops and upgrade their functionalities without having to invest in new boxes. Consumers don’t have to buy another box and can enjoy next generation experiences on their current set-tops  , without getting trapped in obsolescence. A win-win for all.

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