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Challenges of Real Time Data Exchange and Updates on Speaking Engagements

April 7, 2010 - 0 Comments

Admittedly it’s been two months since my last blog update that focused on the MPLS-Ethernet World Congress held in Paris, France.

Actually, I have been thinking about real time data exchange challenges and opportunities between service providers or even “served up” through a cloud. Characterizing “real time” could be in the form of video, telepresence, voice, on-line games as examples, where mitigating latency is a must e.g. between clients-servers; agreement on what the optimal communications protocol should be and so on in order to deliver these services as expected by the consumer.

Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems Laboratories, articulates some of the scaling challenges related to entertainment e.g. on-line games and virtual worlds, in his article published for ACM and entitled, “Scaling in Games and Virtual Worlds,”

The IETF has the Virtual World Region Agent Protocol (VWRAP) Working group, with the charter to define a protocol that “permits users to interact as digital representations called ‘avatars’.

 “An avatar exists in at most one location within a shared
virtual space. Conforming client applications use the protocol to
manipulate and move the user’s avatar, create virtual objects,
interact with other users and their surroundings, consume and create
media and information from sources inside and outside their simulated

Entertainment-centric applications like on-line gaming and virtual world instantiation will certainly stimulate innovation on current IP-based networks, in addition to the Internet; ditto for novel client-server scaling mechanisms.

Changing gears a bit, I will be speaking at the following venues:

Look forward to speaking and/or or hearing from you all!

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