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Celebrate Cisco’s 25th Anniversary by Playing Cisco myPlanNet 1.0

December 17, 2009 - 0 Comments

A quarter of a century is a colossal milestone for any company. For Cisco, it marks an historic journey that began with simple curiosities that helped create the Internet and ultimately position Cisco as a global leader in the technology industry. The road has had challenges, certainly, but our commitment to changing the way people live, work and play remains steadfast. To commemorate this anniversary, we’ve created a fun and interactive time travel experience, Cisco myPlanNet 1.0, which allows you to follow the Internet over the past 25 years – parallel to the Cisco journey.

In this interview with Forrester analyst Tom Grant, Cisco’s Stephen Liu and Petra Neiger explain how myPlanNet illustrates Cisco’s 25 years in the networking business. [download the podcast]

Download and play Cisco myPlanNet today and take a trip down memory lane and experience a network evolution that begins with the stone age of dial-up, through the broadband and mobile connected eras, and into the dawning of the medianet age. Whether you are new to the Telecom industry, a technology expert, or simply wanting to relive the past 25 years, Cisco is your partner as you take networking into the world to make it a more productive and enjoyable place. Here you can walk in the shoes of a service provider CEO and change the world in which we Work, Live, Play, and Learn.

Are you up to the challenge? Play and celebrate a quarter of a century of Cisco with us.

Happy Birthday Cisco!

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