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BYOD: What Consumers Want

August 7, 2012 - 0 Comments

By Ross Fujii, CTO of Cisco Network Management Technology Group (NMTG)

Before exploring how service providers can capitalize upon the opportunities that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offers, it is critical to understand what consumers actually need and want from their home network.  A few usage scenarios will illustrate the key characteristics of the next-generation connected home:

  • You’re watching the news on your smartphone as you take a walk around the neighborhood.  When you get home, you pause the video stream and resume it on your IPTV in the comfort of your living room couch.
  • You’ve heard about a new TV show you want to check out.  You have no idea whether it is coming up on broadcast, as an on-demand program, streamed from Netflix, available on Hulu, or stored on a home-based drive by another family member.  Rather than search through all of these options yourself, the network automatically shows you the available sources for this content.

The key is seamless access regardless of device, source, place, or time.  The underlying network infrastructure becomes unimportant.  Consumers won’t have to think about how devices are connected.  In fact, they won’t even have to think about whether devices are connected.  The same will be true of content: Consumers won’t have to think about where data is.  The only thing they will have to think about is using it.  All of the decisions we make today about connecting will just evaporate.

In my next blog, I’ll explore the needs of businesses and how these impact the design of the connected home network.

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