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BYOD: Next-Generation Service

August 21, 2012 - 0 Comments

By Ross Fujii, CTO of Cisco Network Management Technology Group (NMTG)

As I’ve discussed, service providers are faced with growing network complexity, exploding video and data traffic, and an increasing number of devices connected to their networks.  With the proliferation of these devices, sometimes referred to as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution, service providers need ways to immediately lower operating expense while delivering and enabling new services.

The purchase of ClearAccess will allow Cisco to enable service providers to better deliver, manage and monetize their services while helping to improve operational efficiencies and customer experiences.  When implemented as a part of Cisco Prime, service providers will have a complete set of tools to manage their networks end-to-end, including within the home and across any connected device, amid the ongoing proliferation in network traffic.  Some of the advanced services that can be supported include:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring: Users will be able to monitor and control their bandwidth, for example, to prevent video streaming from bringing other network tasks to a crawl.  This will also eliminate service calls relating to slow service.
  • Internal Diagnosis: Visibility into the otherwise opaque connected home network will give service providers the ability to, in many cases, look beyond the residential gateway to assess home network health and usage.
  • Greater Security: The ability to manage the connected home enables businesses to implement security policies that protect a company’s digital IP assets.
  • Measure the Subscriber Experience: The visibility Cisco will provide into the home network will enable service providers to measure the quality of the networking experience their customers are actually having.  This will enable them to better assess network efficiency, maximize utilization, and improve customer satisfaction all while reducing operating costs.
  • Automated Discovery: In addition to automatically discovering all of the devices on the home network, service providers will be able to verify configuration settings.  This can be a powerful troubleshooting tool to accelerate problem resolution when devices have been accidentally turned off or reconfigured.
  • Advanced Video Services: Cisco will begin to offer video-based solutions around this technology through its Videoscape product line.  This will give service providers, and consequently subscribers, the ability to view or retrieve any kind of video at any time (i.e., time shifted), anywhere, and on any device (BYOD).

Extending into the connected home network is an exciting opportunity for service providers.  With the right tools and visibility, service providers will be able to meet the needs of both its consumer and business customers through new services that bring BYOD into reality.  In addition to generating new revenue streams through services enabled by these capabilities, service providers will also be able to reduce operating costs and further improve profitability.

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