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Broadband Stimulus: Be a Hero! Try your hand at showing how you would spend the funds

March 19, 2010 - 2 Comments

Contributed by Stephen Liu, Mgr. Marketing, Service Provider Routing & Switching

Play Cisco myPlanNet

If you happen to “stumble” upon some cash, would you use it for good? And if so, what would “good” look like?

The Broadband Stimulus Program has opened up a world of opportunities for everyone, provider and subscriber alike. What would the world look like if everyone was connected? What sort of transformations could you imagine? The possibilities seem staggering.

Fortunately, there is a fun and interactive way to experience the way people will shift the ways they work, live, play, and learn with broadband. It’s not a white paper. It’s a game. You don’t read about it; You submerse yourself in it. It’s called Cisco myPlanNet.

Since its introduction in October 2009, over 15,000 people have begun to play Cisco’s myPlanNet in over 130 different countries. Several articles have even been written praising the unique perspective this method of “edutainment” brings:


The game is not your average “shoot-em” up. It’s a thinking game. You step into the shoes of a service provider CEO. Then, you are tasked with the responsibility to guide the population out of the “stone ages” of dial-up, into the wonderful world of broadband technology, onwards through the mobile connected life, and finally into the dawning of the medianet age. In this simulated environment, you get to witness firsthand the positive effects that a broadband stimulus. New services such as IP Video, 4G Mobile, Collaboration, and Cloud Computing increase the productivity and happiness of your citizens.

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? What are you waiting for? Start playing today and earn points by sharing your thoughts on our Discussion Forum on what the broadband stimulus package means to you!

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  1. About 12.5 million U.S. homes still use dial-up, and the vast majority said they do so, rather than buying broadband, on purposeWe must change!

  2. I like it very much and feels me like nothing.