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And the Connected Life Contest Grand Prize Winner is”¦.

November 7, 2007 - 2 Comments

amir39.jpgAmir from North Carolina, USA! His idea was Personal digital butler, a virtual”Worthington” if you will, orchestrating your house and its appliances to more efficiently service your needs. Here how Amir described it:

I would like my home (heating/cooling, lights, doors, TV, stereo, computers, phones, game consoles, alarms, et al.) to be integrated via a Cisco router/ command center (wired, via blue tooth, and/or WIFI). I’d like my cell phone and car to connect to this command console. I’d like my house/appliances to text me info and allow me to send text instructions. The Cisco command center would learn my habits, preferences/needs and suggest settings. All settings as well as all my music, pictures, videos and files will be stored on a central file and accessible via a secure Internet connection.

So when you download a song to your PC, it automatically syncs with your car in the garage so you can listen to it on your way to work- and if your air conditioner needs maintenance, the system will ping you, so you don’t inadvertently wait too long, only to discover that it is barely working on a sweltering July day-right before a party- (I speak from experience that non-working AC in a Texas summer can be quite a party spoiler-)second_life.jpgI think it’s a great idea, Amir, and look forward to have this in my future Connected Life! Congratulations on being selected by our judging panel as the grand prize winner and thanks for sharing your ideas with us.Amir, the other winners, and their ideas were showcased in an online event in Second Life last week, but in case you missed it, I’ll be showcasing some other ideas in future posts, so stay tuned! (But if the suspense is killing you and you just can’t wait that long, please check out all of the winners here.

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  1. That is an interesting idea — something like this may even be able to incorporate some tutorial elements as well to act as a training aid — thanks for sharing.Doug

  2. Hello, my idea is the Router of Interactive Voice”””” (RIV). The idea is to create a device capable of interactuar with any Router Cisco that has an adapter for microphone and speaker and that this thought the same one to be able to help people that cannot see to work with a Router Cisco ,el device would have an incorporate system of voice detection and translation to it lines of commands (CLI) that would help people that cannot see (it blinds) to configure and to solve basic problems with Routers Cisco. This device can be incorporate to the Routers Cisco in the form of a module that you can place in a Router or even that it is external to the Router, this gives the possibility to many people that don’t have vision to be able to execute tasks at least basic of configuration, maintenance and resolution of problems.”