An “A” or an “F”? Comcast and Cisco Grade the Cable Industry on IPv6 Readiness

April 5, 2012 - 0 Comments

For many students, this time of the year marks “Spring Break”.  (Ah, just the thought of this brings back fun memories…)  However, once you get past the stereotypical party imagery, it really is a time of assessment.  Mid-term exams complete and we ask ourselves what we need to do to achieve that final grade.  Service providers find themselves in similar circumstance with the IPv6 subject as World IPv6 “graduation” day quickly approaches in June.

At the March 20th Light Reading Cable event in Denver, two pioneers in the IPv6 field – our own Fred Baker, a Cisco Fellow and IETF Chair, and John Brzozowski, Chief IPv6 Architect at Comcast — talk candidly about the benefits of IPv6, beyond address widening; how operators are doing, in terms of the upcoming launch; and what happens post-transition. Fred also handles one he hears a lot “When is IPv6 going to be done? Because I’ll deploy it then…”

How are cable operators, in terms of launch? Is it possible to cram a whole semester’s worth of IPv6 learning into an all-nighter? (You know the type.)  Comcast’s Brzozowski, who has been working on this transition for over seven years gives Comcast high marks in effort and technology, but notes that other providers face different starting conditions. (For Fred’s answer – you’ll have to watch the video.)

And, as far as IPv6 “to-do” lists go, there will still be plenty to do after World IPv6 Launch Day, coming up on June 6. So: Disneyland or early retirement for Fred and John? No – they’ve got job security on this one…

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