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100G and IP + Optical Convergence Key Themes at Cisco Packet Optical Conference

May 8, 2012 - 2 Comments

Customers from around the world are gathered today at Cisco’s campus in Richardson, Texas to kick off the Spring 2012 Packet Optical Networking Conference (PONC). This brings together network operators, large enterprise customers, optical industry leaders, and Cisco solution teams at a three-day event to collaborate on best practices and future requirements in IP and optical solutions. Some of the key themes that will be featured at this year’s event include:

  1. 40G/100G Coherent DWDM transport over 10G infrastructure: Much of the infrastructure today was designed to support only 10G wavelengths.  It is undesirable to cap and start over with new infrastructure that is purpose built for 40/100G.  Cisco’s unique Coherent optical transport technology is a game changer enabling operators to deploy 40G and 100G wavelengths across existing 10G infrastructures.
  2. Beyond 100G: How will industry scale DWDM to 400 Gbps and 1Tbps? With most of Cisco’s core routing customers reporting high traffic growth rates, 100G won’t be sufficient in the long term. Cisco has demonstrated that 1 Terabit is within reach and uniquely possesses all aspects of the technology to lead the market beyond 100G.
  3. IP and Optical Convergence –   Traditional network architectures keep the Internet Protocol and optical transport layers separate, leading to inefficiency. What can be done to enable an intelligent network that can more cost effectively meet the demands of the Data Deluge?

Look for more blogs this week where I’ll be talking about each of these in more detail, along with video interviews and customer testimonials.

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  1. Hello, Can we see that conference online?? or better, ONLINE FREE???

    • Conference can’t be viewed online, but we’d love to have you attend PONC in the Fall in Monza Italy. Please contact your Cisco account team.