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Your Wonderful Comments on’s New Search

March 7, 2008 - 0 Comments

We’ve gotten some really nice comments and constructive critiques of our new beta search (to go live as the main search very soon). Here’s a recap…A sampling from the many great positive comments:“œThis works great. I love the filters, definitely helps me find what I’m looking for. I actually was led to content that I may have not normally reviewed.””The new ‘search’ concept is great!! The filter of results based on categories is a huge improvement.””Finally! what the [heck] took so long. the left side “filter by” was a long time coming.””Put this into production IMMEDIATELY””The new search, especially the sidebar filters, is absolutely GREAT. Implement this!” “I love the new interface and the ability to quickly drill down on the types of documents I am looking for (specifically Design Guides, this time)” “Looks much nicer, love search assist” “Very useful. Could not find stuff 2 days ago on CCO – but can now find with the new search tool.””Huge improvement.” Ability to find release notes based on IOS – could not find before. Felt relevancy was better. Searched for: 12.2(18) sxf release notes – was able to get release notes. “Certainly a step forward.””Looks great when are you going to make it standard””It found the information needed at the first try.””The search result is more specific to what I need.” And some constructive criticism:“Please show more of the title at the top of each item. Right now it is difficult to differentiate between matches that have long titles that all begin with the same words.” (Title) – (We’re working to fix this.)”Negative: the Headers of the result links are too short.” (Title) – (We’re working on this, too)”œJeez, can you at least add more digits of the title???” (Title) – (And we’re working on this one)”tcp small servers works as a search, but not tcp-small-servers” – (And this one, too)”I love the new interface and the ability to quickly drill down on the types of documents I am looking for (specifically Design Guides, this time). However, it would be even better if there is an ability to filter OUT things that I know I don’t want.” – (We’re studying exactly how to approach this kind of problem.)Ability to use advanced operators to constrain the search (e.g., “inurl:”, “filetype:”) – (This is also in our “future consideration” list)In regards to the breadcrumbs – “To me, it seems like it looks like everything else on the page-.You’d probably want to emphasize it a little bit more, so someone could say, ‘Oh, look! It’s showing me that I’m narrowing it down.'” – (Future Consideration -we need to ensure it does not compete visually with the navigators. Stay tuned.) Several suggested being able to see more search results on a page or to be able to define how many they would see. – (Another one for future Consideration) Technorati Tags:

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