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You know people love your web site when…

May 25, 2011 - 5 Comments

At a Partner reception in France the other day, one of our Partners decided to rearrange the desserts into an hommage to My Cisco Workspace:

Now, that’s true love. And, it’s so delicious looking, too!

(If you don’t know My Cisco Workspace is an area of that’s full of useful support and Partner tools.  It’s designed as a personalized  venue for our Partners and Customers — a single stop to access applications/modules that enables a holistic, personalized, “One Cisco” view of support applications and online resources to manage their ongoing business with Cisco. )

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  1. Thanks for your response, I am primarily responsible for Partner support so I am not an active user of the product support sites, so cannot really guage it’s useability. It is the tools on My Cisco Workspace that my comments relates to. for example I have just tried to log on to PSS – it took over 3 minutes to load the home page!

  2. I must be using a different My Cisco Workspace because I find it so slow as to be unusable. I tend to go directly to the tools themselves, which are frequently unavailable and always slow to refresh particularly in the afternoon (I am based in Ireland so when East coast US logs on performance degrades from poor to unusable). I have come across this blog for the first time and it contains lots of the type of feedback and developments I would expect of a company in tune with it’s customers. However none of the site content is translating into anything that has improved my (overwhelmingly negative) Cisco online experience.

    Your blog seems to focus on features and usability, the main problems I have are availability and page refresh rate. Feature functionality does not matter if you cannot access the content.

    Apologies for the rant but Cisco tools waste hours of my time every week.

    • Hi @RL,

      We actually do a fair amount of performance work on the site behind the scenes, which I agree should be (and is) a focus, and we should blog about that as well.

      The “workspace” mentioned in this article is actually not the main Support area that you’re pointing to, but instead is the My Cisco area, which is a personalized set of tools. (See this entry for more about that My Cisco Workspace:

      ABOUT SUPPORT: Have a look at the new support page we have in preview today, and let me know if it helps address some of the issues around performance and additional clicks that you see today:

      Let us know what you think.

      (sorry I missed your comment the other day, by the way)

  3. It’s outstanding to see that Partners are feeling ‘sweet’ on My Cisco – you have to love the “S”-shaped croissants!