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Why easy web sites are so hard (video)

October 30, 2009 - 4 Comments

This past week, Web usability expert Gerry McGovern spent a couple of days with us here at Cisco. We’re always working on improving areas of our Web, and Gerry has been helping us on some detailed research on customers’ and partners’ most important online tasks and experiences.

If you read Gerry’s online newsletters you know one of Gerry’s oft repeated mantras is that good content, well named links, and site simplicity are paramount. The bigger the site, the more important these things are.

So, why is this so hard?  McGovern says it’s because of how companies work internally, where Web people even in a very customer-focused company will be distracted by many internal forces. Here’s a brief interview we did with him in our usability lab (on my dandy Flip Mino HD video camera):

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  1. Further to: McGovern says it’s because of how companies work internally"", up to some extent it could effect but the whole user friendly website design is really based on how competent the webmaster is, does he understand what customer wants?"

  2. Nice and interesting post. No wonder people are always trying to focus on their web layout, they should pay more attention to design a user-friendly interface.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such an insightful and concise perspective, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Right said we have to be customer centric instead of organization centric.The solution can be visting compititors as customer and not as analysts and write down what we want and do we find that on our competitors.We have to be far away from our office environment as free innovative bird.