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Welcome to the NEW Cisco Communities

Welcome to Cisco Communities!

You may have noticed that My Cisco Community has undergone a serious face-lift. Starting April 15th we launched the new and improved program now called Cisco Communities.



Cisco Communities hosts more than 50 public and private communities for customers, partners and employees that highlight and support Cisco initiatives.

Currently we have nearly 100,000 members which is almost double from last year. Our fast growing platform has also seen tremendous growth in page visitors and dwell time. While the platform and program continues to see growth, so have our specific communities. In one community we witnessed growth in overall visitors, page views and active members 123%, 238% and 268% respectively when comparing year to year results.

We’ve also seen our communities have a positive impact on our overall business by contributing to a reduction of travel and an increase in conversation with customers and partners. The discussion forums allow members to post questions and concerns and then open it up to dialogue and answers from subject matter experts. The answer is then posted and public to all.

With the new Cisco look and feel, we’ve introduced many new features into Cisco Communities. The platform itself is faster and more user friendly than ever. Some of the new features include:

  • Improved ease of navigation to all Cisco Communities.
  • The ability to access our most valuable, current content and key contributors from the home page.
  • Streaming status updates on activity and mentions generated via your Cisco Communities friends.
  • Functionality that allows you to tie your favorite Cisco Communities into your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • The option to view the “most liked” Cisco Communities content.
  • A listing of the communities you’ve chosen to follow at a glance.

We’ve also integrated a new directory for Cisco Community that follows the hierarchy of our other social channels, or

The platform really helps drive collaboration and we look forward to sharing more examples and case studies of Cisco Communities.

We hope you enjoy the new and improved Cisco Communities, below is a short presentation of the new site.

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