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Web 2.0 Beyond the Hype

October 1, 2007 - 1 Comment

On the team, we’re often asked by colleagues in other companies “what are you doing with Web 2.0?” The answer depends in part on how you define Web 2.0. At Cisco, we include a wide range of elements, like user participation, engagement, user-generated content, short-form videos, and a mobile platform. We’ve made a concerted effort to include these in over the last year. Some of the efforts have been quite successful, and we’ve learned a lot in the process. One key thing we’ve learned about Web 2.0 features is that it’s important to integrate them into the total experience. is a large corporate website that serves many purposes for many different audiences–customers seeking pre-sales information, others looking for post-sales support, analysts seeking financial data, and/or press seeking the latest news ASAP. It’s a site that inherently has many purposes. I think about it as a manifestation of the entire company online, communicating to and with the market. So, when we can use 2.0 devices to improve communication, integrated within the overall experience, we’re going to be all over it. Here are some of the more popular 2.0 elements we’ve integrated into our pages:– Short-form videos. These are 2-4 minutes long — we call them “Video Datasheets” –on many of the Product pages. Visitors seem to love them–they’re usually among the most clicked modules on their page.

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  1. Great. Would love to have a way to get immersed practices, tools, know-how, etc. so that we could encorporate Web 2.0 into my role more immediately. I find myself constantly reading and trying to find info and tidbits, but this all takes time. Is there a class that provides a deep dive so that we can invest a day or two to be a Web 2.0’er forever more?