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Driving the Event Engagement You Want with Gamification

April 27, 2012 - 2 Comments

If you read my blogs you know I believe that gamification tactics can be VERY effective when applied in a thoughtful manner. I wrote previously about the effectiveness of gamification tactics as applied to Cisco’s Global Sales Experience. We just wrapped up Virtual Partner Summit (VPS) and I want to share some amazing results that in my opinion were very much a result of the gamification tactics applied to the event.

Some of the event goals we considered when crafting the VPS achievement program were:

  • Increase attendees viewing duration
  • Increase the overall event and session level evaluations submission rate
  • Increase the interaction between attendees and Cisco
  • Drive attendees to consume not just our general session content but also our executive chats, geographic and technical session content

So what we did was create a badging program that introduced a tiered approach for the badges. Unlocking badges accumulated points for the attendees with the higher tier badges earning more points. Once an attendee had accumulated 250 points they were eligible for an iPad prize drawing. To start attendees off we awarded the “Welcome to VPS” badge which awarded 50 points upon first login. We then aligned badges to our goals so there were badges for watching different types of sessions for at least 15 minutes, submitting evaluations, and asking questions.

So what were the results? Below are some key statistics…

  • Average duration for a 30 minute executive chat was approximately 20 mins
  • Average duration for a 2 hour general session was approximately 90 mins
  • 600+ questions asked during the 3 day event
  • 30% average evaluation submission rate (this is up considerably from 2011)
  • Higher attendance rates for our non-general session content

The audience loved the achievement program. Of course some were after the prize but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of comments about going after the maximum points available as a matter of pride. With over 19k achievements unlocked in 3 days the VPS achievements program was a major feather in our event cap!

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  1. A great posting. I am researching gamification for process improvement . Also organising first major worldwide digital event . Would love to replicate what you ave done in your event . What are the opportunities, if any?

    • Hi Alec, There are lots of opportunities to apply gamification to an event. Talk to your vendors to see what they offer. For Virtual Partner Summit we leveraged InXpo who offers an integrated badging/achievement program with their virtual platform. Regards, Dannette