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October 26, 2009 - 0 Comments

For those event planners working on virtual environments to complement their physical events it’s nice to get affirmation that you’re strategy and implementation are on track and being received positively by your audience.

Don’t get me wrong of course event planners want feedback whether positive or negative but when someone takes the time to submit a positive comment it means a lot. Just like anything in life we are always more apt to share feedback when we are unhappy (kind of like me with airlines) so when someone takes the time to provide a kudo you know you hit the nail on the head for that user.

Here are a couple of comments from Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual users received over the last month or so on the platform and the 21 October Ask the Expert event just held!

General Comment

“As someone who wasn’t fortunate enough to get to CiscoLive this year, I have to say that all the On Demand Sessions make it (Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual) a good value!  I’ve been spending most of my lunch hour at my desk, reviewing the sessions.  They have helped me avoid pitfalls with the implementation of nice-to-have (but necessary) things like IP/SLA.  They also point out other features such as Embedded Event Manager, which I otherwise would not know about.

Also good, are the free sessions…as an attendee last year, I saw how great it was to have this access… you can’t attend all the sessions you’d like when you attend the live event.

Back in 2002, when we were moving to a single-vendor network, I was sold on Cisco because of the excellent value they bring to their customers (and non-customers!).  Everything that Cisco offers on their web site and in free seminars, etc, helps them to stay the leader in networking products.  Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual is another example of Cisco’s leadership and vision providing great value to everyone.

Anyway, keep up the good work and please pass on how great it is to have access to all the on-demand sessions!”

21 October Ask the Expert Event Comments

“Nice presentation and excellent Q&A session… one of the better Q/A’s I’ve seen recently, particularly in an online setting. Nice job! Lots of us are probably here to continually learn the latest updates… every once in a while a person can pick up a real ‘gem’ in these presentations that we missed! Thank you for continuing to host these and other eduational opps for the user community… with training budgets typically non-existent, they are truly appreciated!”

So keep the feedback coming, again positive or negative, as it does help drive the development of the Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual platform to better meet your needs.

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