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Usability testing with your customers worldwide

August 11, 2010 - 0 Comments

The other week I mentioned the usability testing we did at CiscoLive! with about 50 seasoned veterans of that conference. The participants who helped us on those studies were from several different countries, but mostly from the US and Canada.  But we also do studies with customers around the world, because expectations can vary among users who are based in different countries.

This map shows a recent example from a set of tests we ran in Germany on some improvements we’re making to

We basically set up a WebEx session with the customer, who can control a prototype of our web design remotely. For this test, we had a usability testing company in Texas guide the study and ask the questions, and there was also an interpreter who translated between English and German and back.

Observers in the US, UK and France abroad could listen to and watch customers use the prototype in real time, and hear the translated comments from the customer.

The sessions were also recorded using a usability documentation tool called Morae, which stores observations and time-stamps all of the activities.

We’re also running similar tests in Latin America, China, Dubai, U.A.E. and other locations. As I’ve mentioned previously, we also do self-service usability sessions globally, but sometimes there’s no substitute for facilitated tests translated live.  All in the name of making better globally.

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